Powerful Blackhead Vacuum Machine

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✔ Instant Blackhead Suction Removal, Acne & Exfoliation Removal.
✔ Hygienic, Safe & Medically Approved in USA & European Union.
✔ 2 years manufacturing warranty.
✔ USB charger & Docking Station.
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Product Description


  • Professional Dermatologist Design
  • 4 Adjustable level’s of suction for blackhead suction removal
  • 4 Variable beauty heads offering Blackhead Suction Removal , Exfoliation Funtion & Acne Removal giving a deep clean & rejuvenation to your skin
  • Experience the powerful suction action that effectively removes impurities and dust particles in the pores, remove grease, blackheads, acne, exfoliate dead skin, treat sagging skin and wrinkles, shrink pores, Make your skin breathe freely again!

  • Easy to Use in 3 simple steps –  Select Desired Beauty Head, Select Suction Power & Vacuum out those nasty Blackheads.
  • Professional Skin Purifying With No Toxins – Our high quality manufacturing material is environmentally safe, non-toxic and completely harmless to your skin.



1. Vacuum function cleans dirty pores through suction and increases blood circulation in the skin leaving it fresh and youthful.

2. Comes with 4 changeable beauty heads, which offer different functions and offer a deeper clean for your skin.

3. Four adjustable levels of suction makes it suitable for different types of skin & can be used over the full body.

4. USB charging, easy, safe and convenient to use.

5. Remove’s dirty pores, blackheads, wrinkles on your face and keeps your skin clean, making skin fresh, smooth and rejuvenated.


Instruction On Use Of Different Heads:

Exfoliating Diamond Head:

With more than 100 thousand natural mineral microcrystalline particles this head can gently scrub and gently exfoliate the dead skin, sucking it out, increasing blood circulation which helps repair any damaged skin and helps to remove wrinkles and acne without hurting or damaging the skin.

Big Circular Hole Head:

With strong suction, this head can remove blackheads effectively & quickly, promoting blood and lymphatic circulation, letting the skin breathe & rejuvenate. Can be applied to larger blackheads on the face & body.

Small Circular Hole Head:

Suction is slightly weaker than the big circular head which makes it ideal to remove blackheads in more sensitive areas.

Oval Hole Head:

This head performs 2 functions, it’s ideal for those harder to reach areas along with firming the skin, removing fine wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity. Suitable for the corner of mouth and other areas where it’s easy to have fine lines and this prevents the growing of wrinkles.

Simply Change Beauty Heads by Turning Clockwise.



Package Includes

1 x Main Device
1 x Big Circular Hole Head
1 x Small Circular Hole Head
1 x Oval Hole Head
1 x Diamond Head
3 x filter Sponges
4 x Silica Gel Rings
1 x USB Charging Cable & Station
1 x Instructions manual.